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Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants, Plant Medicines and Herbal Remedies

Here are all our favorite books about Medicinal Plants, Herbal Remdies, Plant Medicines and Phytochemistry. Remember, we are NOT against modern medicine! Modern medicine and pharmacology have brought the world many wonderfully miraculous cures and treatments, many of which we have taken advantage of and will continue to do so. However, we also believe, and our own decades of personal experiences as well as countless scientific studies have proven out,  that there are many plants with potent medicinal powers that we can safely and easily use at home so we don’t need to go to the doctor. Learning about, understanding and applying the amazing and potent medicinal powers of our brothers and sisters in the Plant Kingdom is one of the very best ways we can become active participants in our own health and well-being!

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Herbal Antibiotics

Stephen H. Buhner

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America

Allen Bessette, Arlene Bessette, David W. Fischer

Fantastic Fungi

Paul Stamets