Media, Speaking Engagements & Events

History Channel


Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater have been interviewed for and by many newspapers, magazines, podcasts and traditional media outlets, including:

  • The New York Times
  • ABC World News Tonight
  • The History Channel
  • NJ Star-Ledger
  • The AP
  • Wilderness Way
  • Primitive Archer
  • Outdoor Life
  • Wild Plant Culture podcast

If you would like to interview Eddie and/or Julie or engage them as a Consultant for your project, please Contact Us by phone or email. We’d love to talk with you!

Speaking Engagements & Conferences

Julie Martin has been a speaking at events and conferences since 1992, including speeches, presentations and Keynote addresses. Her decade as a professional actor have given her confidence and poise in front of an audience, and her 15 years of teaching ensure that she is both  engaging and entertaining. If you would like to book Julie to speak at your event or conference, please Contact her by phone or email.

Julie Martin

Events, Rendezvous’ Knap-in’s & Gatherings

Eddie & Julie Traveling Road Show

Eddie & Julie have been presenting and teaching at various events, rendezvous’, knap-in’s and gatherings around the country since 2008. They love taking their Traveling Road Show booth to share their skills and knowledge with all who are interested in learning.

If you are hosting, or know of, an event where people would be interested in what we do and you’d like to have us attend, we’d love to hear from you! We’re based in Kentucky so events closer to home are always great, but we love to travel so if you’d like us to set up our booth, to teach, or both, please Contact Us by phone or email.

See here for a list of events we’re already scheduled to attend.