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Seeds are in the stores, catalogues are in the mailbox and it is time to Plan Your Garden!

If you’ve thought about having a garden but never knew where to start, this is your year. With inflation skyrocketing, prices rising, broken supply chains and store shelves sitting empty, having a home garden is more important now than it has been since the Victory Gardens of World War II.

Whether to supplement favorite foods in season, grow greens for the summer or feed your family for the year, your garden is your best friend during these uncertain times. It doesn’t matter if you live on a farm or an apartment, whether you have a huge backyard, a small balcony or something in between; gardens can be grown everywhere and by everyone.

Join us for one of our 2-hour LIVE Sessions to discover how you can plan the garden that will work for YOU. You’ll learn what questions to ask, reputable sources for your seeds, the difference between heirloom, hybrid and GMO, the incredible advantages of intensive planting over traditional row gardens, all about growing in container, how to start seeds (indoors and out), and how to do it all within your budget.

Choose one of the dates below and join us LIVE* to get all of your garden questions answered and begin Planning Your Garden today!

(*Recordings of each session will be available to watch for 10 days following the Live seminar.)

Tues March 29
7pm CDT

Wed March 30
8pm CDT

Saturday April 2
2 pm CDT

Sunday April 3
4pm CDT




Wait — Acorns aren’t poisonous?!
No!  In fact, they are a delicious, nutritious, gluten-free and organic food source just waiting to be picked up in your yard or neighborhood. In spite of what you may have heard, or tried in the past, or have been doing all along, it’s FAST, it’s EASY and can be done in your kitchen, with no burlap sacks or flowing streams or panty hose or toilet tanks or boiling water required!

Turning acorns into food is much faster and easier than you realize. Using simple cold-water leaching, Eddie & Julie show you how to quickly and easily prepare acorns at home.

This 10 lesson video course takes just over an hour to watch, and provides you with all the knowledge and know-how you need to gather acorns today, and eat delicious acorn meals tonight, including 5 tasty recipes to get you started!

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6 Rules, 4 Exercises and 9 Simple Steps that make Flintknapping Easy for Everyone!

Go back to basics with this simple-to-follow and easy-to-replicate reduction sequence developed by 35-year veteran flintknapper, Eddie Starnater.

Eddie has been teaching his revolutionary 9 Step Knapping method since 2006, helping thousands of brand new knappers to produce a usable biface within a single day.

Whether you are a novice knapper just getting started or are frustrated with your current results, 9 Step Knapping will have you creating beautifully shaped and thinned pieces in no time.

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What Am I Preparing For

Understanding Emergencies & Getting Prepared

If you’re like many people, you’ve convinced yourself that Preparing for Emergencies is overwhelming and expensive and just too much of a bother to worry about for something that probably won’t happen anyway.

Except it does. Except when the store shelves are empty or the storm is bearing down or the fire is getting closer or the lock-downs have been imposed just one more time… Emergencies DO happen, and they happen to everyone.

Preparing in advance is what turns an emergency into an inconvenience, and this 10 video course will explain how you can easily ready yourself and your family for the most common crises you are likely to face. So get started learning exactly what you should be preparing for, and how easy it is to just do!

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Understanding Baseline is Awareness
Blending with Baseline is Camouflage
Manipulating Baseline is Invisibility

There’s a lot more to camouflage than simply “mudding up”. Inside this 8-video course that is filled with photos of actual students in natural camo, you will learn:

  • The Principles of Dead Space, how to disappear and how to remain unnoticed
  • How our eyes and brain work together to perceive our environment
  • The 9 “S-entials” of Camouflage
  • How to apply natural materials for camouflage

And much more!

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Building Wilderness Shelters Using Natural Materials

The Rule of 3’s tells us a person can only survive 3 hours without shelter. But how do you know where you’ll be in or what you’ll have available? You can’t learn every style of shelter for every possible situation! Thankfully, you don’t have to. Every shelter, from an expedient survival bivouac to a semi-permanent wilderness dwelling, can be created using the principles explained. in this 7 video course.

During this 7-part course you’ll discover how to create virtually any shelter type, from simple to elaborate, based on your needs and your available resources.

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 Free Resources and Step-by-step Skills Guides!

We’ve provided this extensive section of FREE videos and step-by-step guides complete with detailed photographs for those of you who are just starting out, or looking for a simple skill to do in an hour or a day. Each skill or project is explained in detail, most of them have just 10 Steps (more or less) and all of them will help you love and appreciate the Outdoors even more.

Remember, our goal is always to be a part OF nature, not apart from nature.

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