When it comes time for you to delve fully and deeply into the Primitive and Traditional Arts,
you’re ready to apply to our Mastermind.

A full year long, our Masterminds will immerse you into a unique learning opportunity.
With one Mastermind for students who are ready to excel and one Mastermind for school owners looking to level-up their business success, when you’re ready to move to the next level, you’re ready to apply to our Masterminds!

Birch Bark Shelter

World of the Hunter-Gatherer

This year-long Mastermind will test you and push you and stretch you in a way you have never been tested and stretched and pushed before.

Not for the armchair enthusiast, not for those wanting shortcuts and hacks, not for those you are simply curious to “learn more”.

If you are dedicated to mastering, to perfecting, to bleeding for the skills of our ancestors, if you are tired of searching through mountains of haystacks to find the needles of true skill and knowledge, if you want to be better than a copy of a copy of a copy, if you want to truly come to know these skills and mainfest them as a part of you every single day, then we want to hear from you.

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History Channel

Survival and Skills: Building a Successful Business

Do you have a struggling Primitive Skills business? Do you run a Survival School that can’t pay the bills? Are you ready to take your Bushcraft-based business to new levels of success?

Over the past 15 years we have seen hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Primitive Skills, Survival and Bushcraft schools and programs burst on to the scene, and quickly disappear. During that same time we have built a thriving, successful, full-time and profitable business with a world-wide following.

If you love these skills and love this life and want to really do it for a living, you need to know more than how to make a fire: Much more. You need to know how to teach, how to convey, how to build a following, how to create content, how to share it, and most of all, how to make, and keep, money. You need to know how to build a successful business. This Mastermind will be your guide.

Join the Waitlist for Survival and Skills: Building a Successful Business

Our Mastermind Programs are not run every year. If you are seriously interested in having the opportunity to apply for one  of our Masterminds, please join the Waitlist as soon as you know you are serious. You will be sent a questionaire and must fill it out in its entirety to be placed on the list of candidates who will receive more information  when the Masterminds are set to be run. Incomplete questionnaires will be discarded. We are only interested in people who are serious about their success, and willing to do the work necessary to acheive it!