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One-on-One Mentoring

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Planning Your Garden

Join the Program I Wish I’d Had When I Was First Learning!

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert! Every month for 12 months you’ll learn everything you need to know about one wild edible. Each plant is specifically chosen to be easy to identify, easy to find, easy to prepare, abundant, healthy and delicious! Completely self-paced so you can learn on a schedule that works for you!

Get Prepared — Not Preppered

Being Prepared for Emergencies — Big or Small, Local or Global, Natural Disaster or Man-made Catastrophe — is NOT  “one-size-fits-all”! In this LIVE Ultimate Masterclass we hand over the EXACT questions, processes, work sheets and execution guides we’ve used to help thousands of families, workplaces and individuals create their Ideal Personal Preparedness Plan to meet Every Unexpected Situation they may encounter. You don’t need to become a “Prepper”— You DO need to Be Prepared!

Be Prepared Master Class
Acorn The Forgotten Food

The Ancient Super-Food!

High in protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and lots of fiber, there’s no doubt that Acorn is a Superfood. Everywhere there are oak trees people ate acorn. It has been a delicous and nutritious staple food around the world for generations but now that knowledge has been all but forgotten.
Quick and simple to process in your own kitchen (no special equipment required!) Acorn can be added to almost any recipe to make it both tasty and healthy. All the information you need to get started today!

Stop Watching — Start Seeing.

We used to be able to trust the news to provide true & unbiased information. That is no longer the case.
If watching the news leaves you feeling anxious, confused, stressed, afraid… If you’re ready to stop letting the media tell you what to think… If you’re ready to break through the political fog… You’re ready to Bust Your Normalcy Bias.

Busting Your Normalcy Bias
Discovering Nature's Pharmacy

Discover the Secrets, the Science & the Power of Plants!

Well-researched, well-documented and based in science, chemistry and biology, Plant Medicines have been used for millenia to treat everything from common ailments to serious health conditions. Common spices, pesky weeds and garden plants are all among the most effective ways to get and stay healthy.
Do your health a favor and bring the Power of Nature’s Pharmacy into your life!

Powerful Plant Medicines Made in Your Own Kitchen!

We all know how powerful Plant Medicines can be and how important they are to have on hand in your Herbal Medicine Cabinet. But did you know that tinctures, tonics, syrups, salves, oils, teas and many more herbal remedies are easy to make at home? For a fraction of the cost?
This in-depth course will show you how, with detailed videos, written instructions and recipes to get you started!

Making Plant Medicines
9 Step Knapping

Flintknapping Made Easy

Join the thousands of students from around the world who have discovered just how simple flintknapping can be. Whether you’re a novice knapper just getting started or have some experience but are unhappy with your current results, Eddie Starnater’s revolutionary teaching method will change the way you look at rock. Begin producing usable bifaces today!

Planning Your Garden

Gardens Can Be Grown Everywhere, By Everyone!

This is your year! With inflation skyrocketing, prices rising, broken supply chains and store shelves sitting empty, your garden is your best food friend.
There are 7 Questions you NEED to ask if you want to Plan a Successful Garden that Works for You. Click the button below to discover how to take the stress, frustration and fear out of Growing Food You Love, from Seed or Seedling!