The Trading Blanket

Our Books

Our Books

Over the past 15 years we have written several books and created multiple journals on diverse subjects. You can find them all here!

Our DVDs

Our DVDs

All of our former DVDs will be available as on-demand courses! Check out what is already online and get on the waiting list for those Coming Soon!

Soaps and Salves

Soaps & Salves

We’ve been making & selling our soaps and salves since 2010! Small-batch, hand made, organic or wild-crafted herbs, all vegetable oils and beeswax. You’ll never go back to store bought again!

Tinctures and Teas

Elixirs & Teas

Our elixirs and teas were an  instant hit at our local market stand, so now we’re sharing them with you as well! All organic grown or wild-crafted herbs. Be an active participant in your health!
Stonehawk Flintknapping

Since 1989, Eddie has been knapping arrow points and eccentrics that are in collections all over the world. Now that he’s semi-retired he has the time to enjoy and create in stone once again. Every piece shown below is unique and one of a kind, hand-knapped by Eddie Starnater. Collections will be updated regularly.

Turquoise Glass Heart Pendant


One-of-a-kind flintknapped pendants made from different types of stone and glass. Each pendant is unique & handmade. Available shapes include Hearts, Crosses, Angels, Crescent Moons, Butterflies, Arrow Points & more.

Alibates Flint Point

Arrow Points

These arrow points are flintknapped in the same way it has been done for tens of thousands of years. Each unique point is made in a particular style or shape, out of many types of stone and glass.

Obsidian Hunting Point Set

Hunting Points

Looking for stone arrow points hunt with? Here is where you’ll find matched sets and individual points, sharpened and ready for your next bow hunt. All points are modern broadhead size.
Flint Knife

Stone Knives

Specially crafted knife blades made from various types of stone and glass, hafted in antler, cholla cactus or wood. These incredibly special and unique pieces will be a highlight in any collection.

Sunlight Eccentric Point

Creative Pieces

When Eddie is feeling creative you never know what will result. This collection holds his most special pieces — spear points, animal effigies and eccentric “just because you can” pieces will be displayed here!
We Recommend
Our Bookshelf

Our Bookshelf: Titles We Recommend

Over the years we’ve built up a pretty extensive library of books on pretty much every skill. We’ve chosen out our favorites on each subject to recommend, so you can begin to build your library too!
Cool Stuff  We Recommend

Cool Stuff: Products We Recommend

Any time we come across a product we REALLY love, we’ll post it here so you can get one for yourself. EVERY product in this section has been personally bought and tested and used by us!