Project Mastery

The world of Primitive, Traditional and Survival skills is vast. Where do you start? What do you need to know? How do you keep focused and on track with continuing to perfect new skills? How do you keep making learning a priority?


If you’re like me, figuring out what to learn next can leave you confused and overwhelmed. There are so many different skills — where do you start?

The most common question we get from our students is “What skill should I learn first?” Without an answer to that question you fear that you’ll choose the wrong thing, or be wasting your time with something you don’t need to know, or even worse, be missing out on something really important. So all too often you decide to wait, and end up not learning anything at all.

That’s how it was for me when I was starting out. I just wanted someone to tell me what to do! What to learn, what to practice, what to focus on; someone to give me projects I could work on to consistently and continually expand my skill and knowledge, and with it, my confidence in my own abilities.

We don’t want you to go through the same struggles and frustrations we did. That’s why we’ve created Project Mastery.

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Project Mastery is a monthly Skills Club where you will build your skills, knowledge, confidence and abilities, and have fun doing it!

As a member, you’ll receive a specially chosen project every month, broken down into detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos of all the key elements, that are easy for anyone to follow. You can work on them by yourself, with friends or your with your kids. But what if you’re like a lot of our students, for whom following written instructions is not as easy as it sounds?

That’s why we’re also including a step-by-step video tutorial with each project! So you can read, watch or listen — whatever method of learning works best for you.

But what about when things go wrong? What if you get stuck, or can’t figure out one of the instructions or just plain fail altogether? (Yes, that happens to all of us, so don’t worry when it happens to you — you’re in good company!)

We never want you to feel like you’re working alone, which is why you’ll also receive a Troubleshooting Guide tailored to that month’s project, explaining the most common mistakes people make and the ways in which your project is most likely to go wrong. An easy guide for you to refer back to when things don’t go exactly as planned.

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Even then, we’re STILL not done! Because you deserve to have your questions answered, no matter how you’re stuck. And as we always say, every person is unique, and as often as we have failed while learning, you will find ways to mess up that we’ve never even dreamed of!

That’s why we’ll be holding LIVE Q & A sessions every month, where you can get all your questions answered, share your failures (they often make the best stories!) and allow us to celebrate with you in your success.

Our goal is to guide you to Mastery in your skills, and consistent practice with a mentor by your side, is by far the best way to achieve that success.

Every month you’ll receive:
  • Step-by-step written instructions for a specially chosen skill or project, along with accompanying photos showing you exactly what to do
  • Video tutorial for your project, so you can really see how it works, with quality sound and close-ups of all key elements
  • Troubleshooting Guide, explaining the most common mistakes and how to fix them
  • LIVE Q & A session where you can ask any questions that haven’t been covered or get help with any elements you don’t understand. This is also a place you can show off your failures (we’ve all had them!) and share your successes!
    •  Your Resource Guide to help you find all the materials you’ll need for that months project or skill (where you can buy them AND how to go out and find them)
    • Recommended Reading  a list of any books, blogs, articles, podcasts or people to follow on Social Media that will help you take the next steps with this skill, whenever you’re ready to do so
    • Entry into an exclusive, members-only Community where you can post questions, successes, photos, frustrations or random moments of learning to share with your fellow Project Mastery members!

    Project Mastery begins in March 2022 and enrollment will be open for one week only at the beginning of February!

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    Project Mastery is a monthly Skills Cub membership and enrollment will be open ONLY during specific times of the year.
    Our next sign-up period is coming up in February 2022, so don’t miss out!