Principles of Natural Camouflage: The Art of Invisibility



There is a BIG difference between real Natural Camouflage and just “getting dirty”. True camouflage is both science and art. By following the principles set forth in this book you too can learn to disappear and remain unnoticed on almost any landscape.

Eddie Starnater has been researching, perfecting and teaching the Principles of Natural Camouflage for over a decade. Using over 80 full-color photos of actual natural camouflage subjects and scenarios he brings together both his conclusions and the science behind them to show you the principles of dead space, the understanding of how we perceive our environment, what we see and why we see it, his 9 “S-entials” of camouflage, how to apply natural materials for camouflage and much more.

This book will change your perception of what is possible in the Art of Invisibility.

“Understanding Baseline is Awareness.
Blending with Baseline is Camouflage.
Manipulating Baseline is Invisibility.

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