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Busting Your Normalcy Bias

Bust Your Normacly Bias!

If watching the news leaves you feeling anxious, confused, stressed, afraid… If you’re tired of trying to find the actual information in today’s overtly biased media… If you’re ready to break through the tiresome political fog… You’re ready to Bust Your Normalcy Bias!

What Is Practical Primitive?

Practical Primitive was started in 2007 with the mission of making Primitive & Survival Skills “Accessible, Affordable and Attainable”. Back then, virtually every Skills School offered week-long classes that often had one hundred or more students. While common, even expected today, Practical Primitive was the first in the country to offer small group, single day, hands-on workshops focused on a specific skill or topic. We pioneered the multi-month “Skills Intensive” and the idea of Individual Mentoring. Our DVDs and YouTube channel set the standard for what video teaching could, and should be. For almost 15 years we dedicated all our time, effort and energy to teaching the skills of our ancestors that we had devoted our  lives to perfecting and passing on to future generations.

In 2020 the world changed. For everyone. We realized it was time for Practical Primitive to change as well. By offering in-person workshops we were leaving out and leaving behind so many who wanted to learn what we taught but couldn’t travel to us. We began to offer online courses and programs, focused on the skills we believe will be most needed in the days to come. We spent the next two years working out how to take our 40+ years of full-time experience teaching tens of thousands of students from around the globe, and bring that information straight to your home in a way that will ensure your success every single time.

Now based in South Central Kentucky, Practical Primitive continues to trail blaze as we have become the first fully online school dedicated to Preparedness in all its forms. From staying ready for the “everyday oops” to putting aside what you need to get through a major diaster through getting you ready to face the realities of the coming “post-abundant” world, our unrivaled content is designed solely with you and your success in mind.

You can choose on-demand courses that will provide detailed instruction on every aspect of a skill, join one of our Live Master Classes for an unparalleled learning experience or schedule a one-on-one Mentoring Session to get personalized guidance. Whatever route you choose, you’ll have access to your Courses indefinitely and I’m available to every student to answer whatever questions you may have!

When not teaching or answering questions I can usually be found in my garden, playing with the dogs, walking in the woods, or reading by a fire. Or, working on the next course or program that will help you through the difficult times ahead. Being Prepared is no longer an option, it’s a necessity — Practical Primitive is here to guide you into becoming your BEST Prepared Self!

If you’re like most of our students, you’re watching the world change around you and have begun to feel concerned, even anxious, about how you’ll face the challenges that may lie ahead.

You’ve liked all the pages and watched all the videos and followed all the influencers, but still find yourself confused about what you need to do and who to trust to guide you along the way.

That’s where we come in.

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“I am so happy you are going to do online stuff as I have been wanting to send people to you for years and now I can. Plus I want to re-take a whole bunch of your courses!”

Gina Chick

Winner of "Alone - Australia"

“My confidence grew as the program went on. I realized I could learn this stuff and that I did not have to be special to figure it out!”

Eric Smith


“I consider the time I spent with Practical Primitive to be the best money and time I’ve ever spent on Survival.”

David Bears

Creator & Owner of the 39 Minute Workout & Gym

I highly recommend these courses to anyone, period.

Jon Thomas

Biology Teacher

Neolithic Shelter
  • Over 40 years full-time experience teaching all levels of Preparedness and Traditional Living
  • 55+ years practice and experience in ecosystems across North America
  • Tens of thousands of students around the world
  • Successful full-time business that has been teaching, growing, adapting and thriving since 2007
  • Led the trends in small-group workshops, individual instruction and skills intensives, now leading in online programs!
  • First to offer 100% online courses and programs, while still providing instructor access to every student, personalized attention and one-on-one Mentoring

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