Hickory Bow Staves


Hickory Bow Staves Ready to Ship!

Hickory Staves for Traditional Bow Building

Each tree was personally selected by us and sustainably harvested off of private land. We only harvest trees with a diameter above 14″ to ensure a good, flat surface for your bow’s layout. Every tree is selected for its high quality and straight grain, meaning your stave will be free of twists, large knots and other defects.

All staves are hand-split and hand-trimmed, by us, to ensure the grain is followed and not compromised in any way.

Each stave is:

  • Minimum 72″ long and approximately 2½” wide
  • Cut in Spring of 2020
  • Immediately sealed
  • Treated for insects using an organic-approved product
  • Stored indoors
  • Individually chosen and Straight-grained
  • FULLY CURED and ready to work TODAY

Forget about “chasing a ring” — Just pop off the protective bark and lay out your bow!



We Know What Makes a Good Bow!

Eddie has been building bows for over 30 years and has taught traditional bow building to thousands of students for more than 20 years. He KNOWS what makes a good bow! He has seen  bow-making fads come and go and made bows from dozens of different woods, but through it all Hickory has always been his wood of choice for a fast, snappy bow that resists set.

Each of these staves was personally chosen and prepared by him to provide you with a premium bow stave for a top-notch bow-making experience and the potential for a beautiful finished bow.

These staves are ACTUALLY READY TO WORK! Many sites will sell you staves they call “fully cured” after six months. That is NOT a fully cured stave! We never let a stave out the door that has been curing for less than 18 months, ensuring you receive a truly premium bow stave for your next project.



Looking for Staves for Your Upcoming Bow-building Workshop?

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DISCLAIMER: Because we don’t know your skill level or bow-building craftsmanship we do not guarantee results. Each stave is of premium quality and fully inspected prior to shipping. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact the carrier regarding any damage that occurs during shipping.

RETURN POLICY: Purchaser must contact us by email within 24 hours of receipt with detailed reason for return. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser and no original shipping costs will be refunded. All returns are at our discretion and must be recieved in original, unaltered, undamaged condition.