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 Teaching busy, modern men and women who feel unprepared to face the way our world is changing, the traditional-living, survival and preparedness skills they need to meet life’s coming challenges from a position of strength, confidence and independence.
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If you’re like most of our students, you’re watching the world change around you and have begun to feel concerned, even anxious, about how you’ll face the challenges that may lie ahead.

You’ve liked all the pages and watched all the videos and followed all the influencers, but still find yourself confused about what skills you need to learn and where the best place is to learn them.

That’s where we come in.

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At Practical Primitive, we help men and women with a passion for learning, practicing & perfecting Primitive, Traditional and Wilderness Survival Skills to understand the principles, foundations and science behind them, so you can stop struggling to get results and discover how easy and attainable success can be for anyone, no matter your age, size, gender or physical abilities.


Unlike others who teach a “right” way, or focus on strength and power over individual needs and success, we teach Principles in simple and easy-to-understand terms, allowing each individual to find the way that works best to get the results you’ve been looking for, and build confidence in your ability to achieve repeatable success.

    Are You Tired Of…

Clay Canteen
  • Spending weekends or weeks away from your home and family?
  • Having to choose between using your days off for family time or pursuing your passion?
  • The cost and hassle of constant travel to and from classes that are hours or states away?
  • Spending thousands on expensive in-person programs that don’t deliver what they claim?
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  • Trying to learn from click-bait videos & celebrity survivalists more interested in ratings than in reality?
  • Attempting to learn on your own at home, with no one to ask when things go wrong?

Isn’t it Time You Got…


Real Teaching!




Real Instructors!

Right in Your Own Home?

Be Successful in
Your Home Environment with
Your Local Resources!
Get Full Access to Top-level Instructors to help Troubleshoot your Difficulties &
Answer Your Questions!

Never Worry You Won’t Get the Results You Want — They’re Guaranteed!

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Go Back to Spending
Weekends & Vacations
with Your Family!

Every Course & Every Program
Designed with Your Success
as the Priority!
With Over 40 Years of
Full-time Teaching Experience,
You Know We’ll Get it Right for You!

We understand the struggle you face every time you’re forced to choose between spending weekends & vacation days with your family, or traveling hours — even states away — to learn, practice and perfect the skills you love.

Not just because you love them, but because you know that one day they may very well be what helps to keep your family and loved ones safe and secure!

That’s why we’ve spent almost two years working out how to take our 40+ years of full-time experience teaching these skills to tens of thousands of students from around the globe, and bring them straight to your home in the most effective way to ensure your success!

“My confidence grew as the program went on. I realized I could learn this stuff and that I did not have to be special to figure it out!”

Eric S.


“I am so happy you are going to do online stuff as I have been wanting to send people to you for years and now I can. Plus I want to re-take a whole bunch of your courses!”

Gina Chick

Founder of Bluegum Bushcraft & 5Rhythms Dance Instructor

“I consider the time I spent with Practical Primitive to be the best money and time I’ve ever spent on Survival.”

David B.

Creator & Owner of the 39 Minute Workout & Gym

I highly recommend these courses to anyone, period.

Jon T.

Biology Teacher

Neolithic Shelter

Julie Martin & Eddie Starnater have...

  • Over 40 years combined full-time experience teaching Primitive, Wilderness Survival and Traditional Living Skills
  • 55+ years combined practice and experience in ecosystems across North America
  • Tens of thousands of students from around the world
  • Built a full-time business teaching Primitive, Wilderness Survival & Traditional Living Skills that has been thriving since 2007
  • Led the trends in small-group workshops, individual instruction and long-term skills intensives
  • Taught many of the teachers and leaders who went on to start their own schools around the world

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Now See Us In YOUR HOME!

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Choose Your Course...

Discover the principles and the science behind your chosen skill, that have been used by millions of ancestors for tens of thousands of years, making each skill predictably successful every single time, no matter your age, gender or physical abilities!

Debris Hut

Learn the Secrets...

Follow the specially crafted and fully tested “steps to success” in your home environment, using your local materials, all while having full access to top-level instructors who will answer your questions, troubleshoot your problems and celebrate your success!

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Live With Confidence!

Live your life with the certainty of knowing that these skills will work for you every single time and be confident in your ability to care for yourself, your family and your loved ones under any circumstances!

At Practical Primitive we know you’re the kind of person who wants to take care of yourself and your loved ones, and not be dependent on government or other outside forces to meet your needs.
In order to have that confidence, you need skills.
Making a Wisteria Basket

The kinds of skills our Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and all of our other ancestors had. The skills they took for granted as part of living a full and independent life, but that modern society has tossed aside as “primitive”, “unnecessary”, “irrelevant” and “quaint”.

The fact is, in today’s world finding teachers who truly know these skills is hard. Sure, lots of places teach them, but all too often the “instructors” have barely learned the skill themselves, and have little to no real experience.  They don’t understand how and why the skill is done, so they can’t help you when it goes wrong.

You must seek out truly skilled teachers where ever you can find them, but time constraints, job requirements and family commitments, not to mention the difficulties, frustrations and expense that comes with traveling to and from the classes you need make it practically impossible, to get the training you long for.

All making you fear you’ll never find the time you need to really learn, practice and perfect your skills to the point where you and your family will be really ready for whatever may come your way.

Tinder Bundle

This world is changing. We feel it, you feel it, deep down, we all know it. Everywhere you look there is fear, division, political strife, weather disasters, floods, fires, volcanoes, earthquakes… events that haven’t been seen in hundreds, even thousands of years are all converging, now. The safe and prosperous future we planned on is no longer guaranteed. The world is changing, and people who are not readying now to meet those changes may find themselves left behind, unprepared, confused and failing in a world they no longer recognize.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We don’t have to stay in fear and doubt. We can learn the skills and make the preparations NOW to meet the challenges of our future world. We can ready ourselves NOW to meet life’s coming challenges from a position of strength, confidence and independence, not fear, helplessness and subordination.

You don’t have to be strong, you don’t have to be big, you don’t have to be special. All it takes is time, effort, energy, and a willingness to learn.

We believe these skills are for everyone!
They are our human birthright and everyone can, and should, have the opportunity to learn, practice, perfect and integrate them into their lives, no matter where they live.

We also understand that time and travel are not easy or even possible for everyone, and over the past few years they have become increasingly more difficult.

Natural Camouflage
Firing Primitive Pottery

Which is why we’ve dedicated our time, effort and energy into developing these specially-designed, 100% online courses and programs that you can do in your own home, in your own environment, using your own local resources, at your own pace.

All while having full access to top-level instructors
ready to guide and help you
along your journey!

Here’s How it Works…


Register for Your Online Program Just Like You Would Any Other Course

to gain access to our proven, step-by-step methods, all grounded in the underlying principles and science that make them predictably successful every single time.


Follow the Carefully-crafted "Steps to Success"

as you practice and perfect your skills while having full access to top-level, highly skilled and experienced instructors available to answer your questions, trouble-shoot your struggles and celebrate your successes along the way!


Enjoy the Incredible Feeling of Confidence

you’ll get knowing these skills are a part of you, that they will work every single time, so you can be at peace knowing you are prepared to, and capable of, caring for yourself and your loved ones, no matter what circumstances you may face.

Register Now

and stop wasting all your time sorting through thousands of
click-bait videos all trying to “out-hack” each other,
and shows by celebrity survivalists who are
more interested in ratings than reality.

You CAN learn these skills, no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed in the past. Why? Because this time you will discover not just how, but why they work; a knowledge grounded in tradition, experience, principles and science.

Think about it — if these skills were really that hard, that special, if you truly needed to be someone big and fast and strong and unique to be successful, the human race would have died out a long time ago.

Anyone can learn these skills, so if you’re ready to put in the time, effort and energy to learn, practice, perfect and integrate them into your life, now is the time, this is the place, to begin your journey.

Start living with the confidence in your abilities and the sense of true freedom that can only come with the knowledge and understanding of how the natural world can provide us with everything we need… provided we know what we’re looking at and how to use it.

This freedom belonged to your ancient ancestors, and it can belong to you too.

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Start Your Journey Today!

Master Skills

Are You:

  • Just starting out, or not quite ready to commit to a full-on course or program?
  • Looking for skills or projects you can complete in an hour or a day?

Master Class

Are You:

  • Ready to dive deeper into understanding and perfecting a subject or skill?
  • Prepared to devote your time, effort & energy to in-depth learning over weeks or months?

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  • Searching for a group of like-minded people to share thoughts and ideas with, and to learn from in return?
  • Ready for a 6-12 month commitment that will push your limits?

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Are You:

  • Looking for a way to continually practice and develop your skills?
  • Excited to share your journey with fellow skill-seekers month after month?